The History of Thornworth

Thornworth was once a small settlement in the middle of Thornhold Forest, notable only for the wall of thorns that provided it with a natural defence against creatures and bandits of the forest. Those defences weren’t enough, though, when the Star Spawn attacks years ago laid the town to waste and left only a couple of families alive. After the crisis, though, Murvoth was made Lord of Thornworth, and with the help of his adventurer allies set about rebuilding the town.

Thornworth, the Hold Town of Thornhold, is a relatively modest village in particularly outstanding circumstances. Ravaged by the Star Spawn attacks in Haldshire, then rebuilt by what of the community survived, the small town of Thornworth is noted for its natural defence, a thicket of thorn bushes which surrounds the town, now purposefully cultivated by Lord Murvoth to provide better protection from the town.

Within the protection of the thorns is a small town centre, dominated by the Lord’s manor, Ibrahim the Jeweller’s shop, a small chapel of Heironeus sponsored by Lord Murvoth and a stables run by the Ailmarson family. The rest of the town consists of a small collection of other family homes (twenty-two families live in Thornworth) and small farms, primarily wheat and rye. Due to the recent population loss, the town does not contribute to the fyrd, and its only soldiers are the Lord’s Huskarls, who are often out on other adventuring missions. It is a poorly-kept secret, though, that the town remains protected from bandits by a werewolf clan which has taken up residence in the surrounding forest, apparently bound by allegiance to someone within Lord Murvoth’s household.

-From the records of Theodore, Master of the 44th Order – The Archivists

As Murvoth began his rise to power, the hamlet of Thornwowrth gradually became a town, gaining a Mage’s Guild specialising in necromancy, which Murvoth encouraged behind his ever-growing walls of thorns. His manor gradually became a fortress protected by even more enchanted thorns, and more protective magic besides.

Thornworth Today

By the time Murvoth became King, Thornworth was a city to rival any in Albion. The farms on the outside were replaced by a residential district dominated by the great Necromancer’s College, and the Inn of the Four Horsemen, a tavern said to hosue an assassins’ guild below. Inside the ring of buildings is a patchwork of master craftsmen’s shops and barracks for Murvoth’s undead forces not currently garrisoning Toldeon. Finally, in the centre of the city is the great Thorn Palace, a huge citadel-cum-manor housing Murvoth, Gyrth’s chancery, Tyrgarun’s lair, the royal court, the High Temple of Heironeous and a manor’s worth of staff besides.


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