To the east of Leadshire is the fertile valley of Feodshire. Fed by the River Elsir that runs through the centre of the Shire and with three mountain ranges, Feodshire is the centre of agriculture and mining for all of Albion. In the apst adventurers could always find work fending off Goblin incursions form the Wyrmsmokes and fighting Lycanthropes in the Werewood. But now the Shire borders New Rhestilor, and the fighting forces of the Wyrmsmoke Tribes have been exterminated by the Dawnguard after the famous Battle of Brindol. The Earl of Feodshire is Gwyneth ‘Ironside’, the High Singer of the Bard’s College of Dubris, an old woman who is said to worship an old nature God, Baal. Due to her age, even the Earl’s responsibilities are taken on by the Shire Reeve, Harold, a young ex-miner elected through his popularity in Dubris. The Lord of Dawnhold and head of the Dawnguard, Lord Jaarmath II, also takes an active part in the Shire’s governence and defence. Holds in the Shire include Washold, Dawnhold, Marthold, Dauthold, Vraathold, Fenhold, Terhold and the Hammerfist Holds.


To the far east of the shire on the broder with Hyldshire is Washold which covers the border with Hyldshire and the south-eastern end of the valley. The city of Dubris lies near Lake Elsir, where the river that feed the valley ends, the the eastern edge of the Wyvernwatch mountains to the other side. The old Novaran city and capital of the Seocnd Kingdom of Rhestilor after the fall of Novara is an ancient place known as City of Songs, where the great Bard’s College teaches students from across Albion and its client states learn the age-old sagas within equally old ruins. Songs and music are said to float through the streets as farmers and miners go about their daily business.


In the centre of the Shire is the great city of Brindol, first built by Galahad, one of Arthrus’ knights of the Round Court and centre of dawnhold which controls the central lands of the valley. The city was once the headquarters of the Silver Flame, an order of Pelor and Heironeous worshippers dedicated to eliminating lycanthropy. Since the creaiton of New Rhestilor, the treaty between Albion and the principality meant the Sivler Flame had to be officially dissolved, replaced by the Gold Flame, the clerical wing of the Dawnguard. The Dawnguard themselves are the famous Huskarls of Dawnhold, especially well trained fighters dedicated to Pelor and the rest of the Sovereign Host, and lead by the Lord of Dawnhold. The Lordship is currently in the hands of Lord Jaarmath II, rather more portly than his famous father but just as good a fighter. Dawnhold is also infamously loyal to Murvoth even above the rest of Albion, due to Murvoth and his party’s contribution in destorying The Red Hand.


To the west of the Shire, extending as far as the border with Leadshire and technically holding governance over the Thornwaste to the south west, Vraathold covers the Werewood, and all land up to the western valley. Vraathold was originally founded by Count Saewald Vraath, a leader of the Silver Flame who struck deep into the Werewood, eliminating most of the Weretiger and Werebear population. While the Count was killed in his own Vraath Keep, the castle remained as a symbol of human authority over the west Werewood, and hence the source of the Elsir River. Countship of Vraath Keep later passed to Murvoth, who sent his trusted Huskarl Derryck, known now to be a Werewolf, to hold it in his stead and now serves as both Lord of Vraathold and the main liason between Albion and New Rhestilor. While Lordship of the Hold is held by the Count of Vraath Keep, the Reeve is traditionally the Speaker of Drellin’s Ferry, a small town where the eponymous ferry brings travellers into the Valley.


The western side of the Elsir Valley is governed by Terhold. The hold is composed mostly of farming towns in the floodplains of the great river, and small lumber settlements on the southern edge of the Werewood. The centre of the hold is Terrelton, a large town governed by a council of merchants.


Marthold stretches through the east of the valley up to the Marth Woods to the North East of Brindol. The south end of the shire consists mostly of farming towns, as in Dawnhold and Terhold, but to the north is only the hold town, Marthron. While the Marth Woods were never as occupied by lycanthroped as the Werewood, in recent years a tribe of Githyanki has made a base depe in the woods, adding to the threat already posed by Forest Trolls that infest the place, haivng diverged from Rock Trolls coming down form the nearby Giantshields.


The hills to the south of the Elsir Valley fall under the jurisdiciton of Dauthold. The few scattered villages in the hills are centred around Dauth, a lumber and boar farming village in some small woods in the hills ruled in joint Lordship by the descendents of an adventuring party from long ago who fought with the Hammerfist Dwarves to put down an attack from Mundmen coming into the Wyvernwatches. Caefor, the leader of the party, is Lord of Dauth, and the smaller villages are each ruled by another member of the party.


Beyond the Werewood and the hills north of Brindol lie the great fens of Rhestilor, once fields prowled by the mighty Werelion kings of old Rhestilor and flooded by a vengeful Druid. The fens are not populated by anything but monsters, though they are being slowly exterminated by the Silver Claw of New Rhestilor when they have time, and one hill is inhabited by a tirbe of semi-civilised Harpies. The hold also holds dominion over the small Wyrmsmoke mountian range to the west, though after the explosion of the Sanctum of Bahamut and the extemrination of the Red Hand, the mountians ar eunpopulated at the moment by beast or man. The Lordship of Fenhold is, due to this, entirely honorary, and falls to the Kaal family, a family of Halfling merchants known for their guile, wit and practice of matrileneal succession.

The Hammerfist Holds

In the foothills of the Wyvernwatch Mountains which form the border with Mundshire, a race of Dwarves took up residence during the chaos following the fall of Novara. Since the rocky lands were of no use to the King of Rhestilor anyway, the foothills were granted tot he Dwarves and form the Hammerfist Holds. Here, with their trade with Brindol and closeness to the great library of the Bard’s College in Dubris, the Hammerfist dwarves have made greta technological advancements, producing non-sapient Warforged far more powerful than any made by the Soulforge in Adamas. Unbeknownst to the humans, the Dwarves ahve also perfected prototypes for the Titan programn, huge warforged shells tied to the body of a living Dwarf held inside. The Holds are also home to the only mercenary company in Albion (mercenaries were outlawed by the Kings of Albion before and Murvoth continued the policy), The Golden Axes.


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