The Witangamot

At times of great political crisis for Albion, especially after the death of a King, the great council of the Witangamot is called. The council advises the King, or in the case of the King’s death, debaes who the next King should be. The Witangamot consists of two levels, the Low Moot, where every member gets a say and where the debates happen, and the High Witan, which is called to advise the King soemtimes even in times of peace, and are the ones with a vote when it comes to elect the King.

The Witangamot consist of all the Lords and Reeves of the realm (including the Earls and Shire Reeves), as well as the leaders of the 50 Orders. While the first 20 Orders are set as the Orders of Arthrus and the Host and the great colleges and the fyrd of Albion, the other 30 are chosen by the King and remian in flux. The High Witan consists of the 6 Shire Reeves, the 6 Earls, the Chancellor, 7 of the King’s chosen Lords and Reeves that he elevates to the position, and 10 of the masters of the Orders, again chosen by the King.

The current Witangamot under Murvoth consists of:

  • The 45 Lords of Albion (including the Earls and excluding the Hammerfist Holds and Orkhold)
  • The 45 Reeves of Albion (including the Shire Reeves, and agian excluding Hammerfist and Orkhold)
  • The Masters (/Generals/High Priests) of:
  • The 1st Order of Arthrus
  • The 2nd Order of Heironeous
  • The 3rd Order of Moradin
  • The 4th Order of Bahamut
  • The 5th Order of Rao
  • The 6th Order of Pelor
  • The 7th Order of Yondalla
  • The 8th Order of Ehlonna
  • The 9th Order of Corellon Larethian
  • The 10th Order of Garl Glittergold
  • The 11th Order of Kord
  • The 12th Order of The Sovereign Host United
  • The 13th Order of the Fyrd
  • The 14th Order of the Huskarls
  • The 15th Order of the Bards
  • The 16th Order of the Smiths
  • The 17th Order of the Exchequer
  • The 18th Order of the Silver Flame
  • The 19th Order of the College of Zelth
  • The 20th Order of the Historians and Librarians
  • The 21st Order of the Alchemists
  • The 22nd Order of the Cartographers
  • The 23rd Order of the Druids of Marthold
  • The 24th Order of the College of Thornworth
  • The 25th Order of the Songseers
  • The 26th Order of the Dawnguard
  • The 27th Order of Bigby’s Tomb
  • The 28th Order of the Inn of the Four Horsemen
  • The 29th Order of the Fistbeard Monestary
  • The 30th Order of Levistus
  • The 31st Order of the Jesters
  • The 32nd Order of the Aquamancers
  • The 33rd Order of the Conjurers’ Enclave
  • The 34th Order of the Hounds of Setanta
  • The 35th Order of the Astrologists
  • The 36th Order of Wee Jas
  • The 37th Order of St Cuthbert
  • The 38th Order of Dome
  • The 39th Order of Hextor
  • The 40th Order of the Border Guard
  • The 41st Order of the Conjurers’ Circle
  • The 42nd Order of Diplomats
  • The 43rd Order of the Dracoliches
  • The 44th Order of the Archivists (Actually the Chronomancers)
  • The 45th Order of the Bank of Thorns
  • The 46th Order of the Stone Bank
  • The 47th Order of the Bank Below the City
  • The 48th Order of the Bank of Coronia
  • The 49th Order of the Ensanan Liaison
  • The 50th Order of the Sculptors

Murvoth’s High Witan consists of:

  • The 6 Earls and 6 Shire Reeves of Albion
  • Chancellor Gyrth (Also Master of the 32nd Order)
  • Lord Edwin Jaarmath of Dawnhold (Also General of the 26th Order)
  • Lady Alfild Darkeye of Feldhold
  • Lady Sellara Kaal of Fenhold
  • Reeve Hector of Turnhold
  • Reeve Siward of Vraathold
  • Lord Milwald of Viekhold
  • Reeve Cormag of Aberhold (Also Master of the 34th Order)
  • High Paladin Maecred of the 2nd Order
  • Master Abad of the 21st Order
  • General Turold Viktorson of the 13th Order
  • Master El Grande of the 49th Order
  • Master Tyrgarun of the 43rd Order
  • General Brichthled of the 40th Order
  • Master Erik of the 28th Order (Also known as Death)
  • Master Petred of the 45th Order
  • Master Stonrath of the 25th Order
  • High Priest Waelred of the 37th Order


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